Storage Hack for Small Apartment or Studio

By | November 9, 2017



Welcome to Contempo Space !! Today I'm going to show you this WONDERFUL Aventa This particular Avente is HUGE.

It could fit a TV as big as 70 inches.

It is just packed with storage.

You've got to see it to believe it.

It might not look that big, but i'm gonna show you just how much this Aventa could really hold.

FIrst of all, a relly practical thing to put up in the storage overhead, since we already have a bunch of drawers for socks, shirts, pajamas.

There is hanging space here for your suits, pants, It has pullout shelves; make your shoes come to you! And also plenty of hanging space in this side.

Plenty of space for jewelry in this jeweler organization box.

It's HUGE.

I mean just look at it.

Here are adjustable shelves.

You're shoes are not gonna fall back because these pull out shelves have a bumper They have this bumper here back here, so you're shoes are not gonna fall back Today we're talking about the overhead compartments right here and here Some practical things to put in there would be extra pillows Bed sheets Your plants ?!?! Well, maybe not your plants.

On this side here.

We have these two giant baskets of hat HAT BASKET Arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts for DIY Another basket or two, ONLY inside of ONE of the overhead compartment That's a lot of storages, and there's EVENROOMFORMORE.

You could also fit a popcorm machine in there Just how how many cubic feet is this?? You can fit an American Eagle in here Bald Eagle** What does a bald eagle say?? Can I fit this In one of the overhead compartments? This Kid's bicycle in here? YES? Maybe? What do you guys think? Well almost.

That was a good try, though Look at all of this stuff The overhead compartments inside of this wonderful Aventa fit all of these things inside.

That volume of stuff.

It all came Neatly packed in here.

It could even fit a whole person For more information go to www.