Redesign Your kids Bedroom

By | November 9, 2017

(Music)(Voice Over) Now that Charlie's bedroomhas fabulous new carpeting, thoughts have turned tocompleting the project with a total room makeover.

I'm goingto high school and my bedroom really doesn't look like it.

I've had this room since I was in elementary school and I askedmy mom and she said it was a great idea to change it up.

Thisis perfect timing.

Charlie just graduated middle school, he's onhis way to high school and I'm ready to give him a more adultroom makeover.

We decided the whole room needed to be redone.

He picked out a new bed, dresser, night table and a desk.

(Voice Over) Charlie and his mom visit the website of onlinefurniture store, ATGstores.


ATG all that's good.

The 2 of uswent online to ATGstores.

Com and I was surprised at what greattaste my son has.

He picked out some really beautiful furniture,clean lines, dark wood, and I loved the bed he picked out.

Itwas gorgeous.

(VO) Besides offering a wide selection ofseemingly endless pieces of furniture and accessories, thestore has a design section with an image matchmaker service.

Itallows you to upload your Pinterest board URL or even aspecific image and bring back similar results to your board orimage.

Charlie's made his selections with mom as aconsultant.

Enter Celebrity Interior Designer, AlexaHampton.


Com's Style Guru.

You can see that Leighwent to Pinterest and found images that she liked thatinspired her, and then we were able to use it with imagematchmaker on ATGstores.

Com to really zero in on what actualpieces they offered that she would like.

Alexa, Charlie and Leigh reviewed the plans.

I was veryexcited to do this project, and now that I'm here and I'm seeingthe project, I have to tell you, I'm kind of in love withCharlie.

And, I'll do anything he needs me to do to make surethis room is beautiful.

It's out with the old furniture so thenew wallpaper and blinds can go in.

So, one of the strategiesthat I took when working on this room with Leigh and Charlie wasto identify a wall as an accent wall.

It felt like a really goodopportunity to add some pizzazz to the room.

What is great aboutATGstores.

Com is that I can, instead of just going to awebsite and ordering fun things, which we have done, we were alsoable to do things like get curtains and get wallpaper, andhave them installed.

And, that really helped us capture all ofthe benefits that we wanted for the room.

(VO) With Charlie outof the house, Alexa, Leigh and helpers get to work.

I know thatCharlie wants his room to look more adult.

I know he wants tomake that transition.

I need to help him do that on the onehand, but I also don't wanna create another space for himthat's gonna be temporary.

I want to help create a room thatwill be able to last maybe after he leaves for college.

I don'twant it to be too infantile or too childlike.

But, I also wantit to be youthful enough that he doesn't feel like he's insomebody else's room.

So that was really my challenge for thisproject.

(VO) The room is ready for Charlie to see for the firsttime.

This is the big moment.

Are you ready!? And, tell mewhat you think.

Oh my god – it's amazing – I love it so much!Thank you.

Oh don't thank me.

Arranged marriage.

Thank you somuch.

I hope you love it.

I really do – it's really nice.

Solet me tell you what we're doing here.


Obviously, you've gotthe dresser and the 2 night tables that you chose, and thatyour mother chose, which are super chic.

And, that wonderfulTupton headboard, that I love because you have all of thesehorizontal lines on the furniture with the hardware.

Sohaving the tufting introduces some diamonds and some geometry,which is then amplified further by the geometry of thewallpaper.

And, we have that scallop mirror bouncing lightout from outside across the room.

And then the prints, youknow artwork's hard cause you conveyed it.

I know, I thinkit's so cool.

Did you have any idea? No, I think it's so cool.

So it's more geometry so it's like different beads of geometryas you look around the room.


You did such a good job.

Yeh, you really did.

Come on let's have a love fest.

You didsuch a good job because you did that great Pinterest board forimage matchmaker.

Yeh, it was fun actually.

We had a good timedoing it.

And then you've got your desk here, like you said,it ended up where it was before which is, you know, you guysknew your room.

You knew that that was the place it was gonnawanna live.


And I love that you all chose a low bed becauseit's got a kind of cool sensibility to it, and it makesus able to experience the room at this upper register so itfeels more open.


It does feel really big in here evenwith all this furniture.

It does yeh.

It feels really big.

It'scompletely changed.

Do you love it – do you think you're gonnahang out here in high school? Oh yeh oh yeh.

This room looksfantastic.


Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Working withLeigh was ridiculously easy.

She is so nice.

She's the perfecttemplate of person I would wanna work for.

And, Charlie – whatcan I say? I'm trying to arrange a marriage right now between my7-year old and Charlie.

I know he's a little bit older but Ithink it could really work.

This has been such a great day.

Theprocess has been amazing.

Alexa came into the house – her energy- she just lights up a room.

She created this whole new vibe forthe room and I know Charlie's really going to be happy withit.

She worked well with him and as a team they collaborated andI thought she was wonderful.

The room looks incredible.

I can'tbelieve how different it looks.

I'm so ready to go into highschool with this room.

Thank you Alexa and thanks mom.

(VO) Andto find your design inspiration and transform your home visitATGstores.

Com or go to our website designingspaces.


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