Quality points of our Bedroom Sets

By | November 9, 2017

– Hello my name is Scottwith Country Lane Furniture.

I'd like to show you some of the features of our solid wood bedrooms.

Gonna start out by showingyou how to the slats and rails fit together andhow that's constructed.

The slats here forexample this is a cut away and the slats they have a dove tail which fits into the other side of the tail on the rail and the reasonwe do that is there's no way that the slat can fall of the rail.

Also, we have five slats and two of the slats have center leg supports which is what you can see here.

We're gonna also look at the side rail and how it fits to the foot or headboard.

We have two dowel pins which then there's an anchor bolt which goes into which we call a barrel nut andthen when we tighten it up we use an Allen ranchand tighten this up here.

Snugs it together and whenthat's all tightened down there's no way that it can wobble.

Just to show you here, I'll try and wiggle the footboard here and that's just one of the many features of our solid wood bedroomsand I got more to show ya! Looking at a few more featuresof our solid wood bedrooms.

Just gonna show you how thedrawers are very durable.

You can take them out if you ever need to.

Just gonna show you hereyou can really pack em full.

And I'm quite certainyou'll never have the bottom bust out of 'em.

So you ca pack them full and they're made to last a lifetime.

I'd like to show you moreof our bedroom features.

And what I'm about toshow you doesn't just apply to bedroom it applies to anything that we make that has a drawer.

So what we want to look at here is how the drawers havethe ball bearing slides, they're for extension,they pull out all the way and they don't fall out when you get to the end of the length.

And then they have the dove tailed construction front and back.

So these boards come togetherand fit together like this.

And then they roll very easily.

So when you get your belongings in there they still work just as smoothlyas they do when it's empty.

This setting also features the hidden molding drawersso you can keep maybe some jewelry in thereor whatever it might be.

That you don't anybodyto know that it's there.

Those are just a couple of the features of our Solid wood bedrooms.