House of Bedroom Kids

By | November 9, 2017

We had a great experience when we were shoppingat House of Bedrooms.

I decided I wanted to get my youngest daughtera new bed.

She really wanted bunk beds.

It's really hard to visualize – that was partof why I loved it at House of Bedrooms because they have the rooms set up.

You can actually get a picture in your headof what it's actually going to look like.

It was one of the best installation experiencesI've ever had.

I have a friend who's building a house rightnow and so they're going to be shopping for all new furniture and I suggested that theycheck out House of Bedrooms Kids.

She said, "Isn't it expensive".

So I said you know really I was surprisedtoo, I had a preconceived notion that it was going to be expensive and I was pleasantlysurprised to see that it wasn't.