Enhance Your Bedroom Experience

By | November 9, 2017

Ok here we are in the bedroom talkingabout positive anchors, my favorite positive anchors are touch points.

Touchpoints are of the feeling of a high-quality product or experience.

And here we are in my bedroom and these are a few of my favorites.

Definitely the bed experience, think aboutbedding, get yourself bedding with a decent thread count and you canget these from an outlet or online they're not that expensive to upgradeand honestly it makes all the difference even if you can upgrade your actual bedframe this can change everything.

So you want really good bedding with a decent thread count beautiful throw cushions and if youreally want to upgrade the bed simply just put on a few beautiful throws.

This is cashmere, you know it feels amazing and just putting that on your bed changes everything.

As well as that, a decent mattress you want a decent mattress with a decent mattress topper on top of it and this is really a hotel experience.

This is thesecret, a mattress topper would change everything.

So you know you want to havethis amazing experience and this is what this is the secret to many hotels usewhen you go in your bathroom as well think about decent towels, you want toindulgent, not like my dad's twenty year old sand papner towels.

You want decenttowels with decent beautiful.

They're plush they're indulgent and you know if youhave towels that are ripped, worn, that are stained, get rid of them becauseultimately you want these to be of a really good quality.

And finally I'd just like tomention toilet paper, that this may be seen strange but honestly for me this was such abreakthrough the beginning of this whole journey for me with MindSpaceDesign.

When I upgraded my toilet paper I wasactually really acknowledging to myself that I deserved a better life, because what weoften do when we're actually on a budget is we skimp on everything includingtoilet paper, when really this is something we can upgrade for such asmall amount of money but you're automatically using toilet paper that you'd be using when you're living an abundant life.

Already so upgrade the toilet paper, make sure it's a decent thread count.

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