Bedroom Tour

By | November 9, 2017

(upbeat dance music) – Are you ready for the room tour of the year? A spectacular room tour,well I don't know about that, but I can't wait to share with you what I did to my new bedroom.

I'm really loving it, itmakes me feel so comfy.

I feel like with my oldbedroom, I wasn't able, I wasn't able to completeit because the room was really spacious, and I didn't want to buy more furniture than I need, because I knew I was going to move.

I'm really loving what Idid with this room now, and the only thing I want to change is the wall color, soI'm still deciding what paint I should get, but ifyou do have any suggestions, then please leave it below this video.

Other than that, welcome to my bedroom.

Welcome into my personal space, and let's take you around.

Alright, so let's come inside.

Welcome everyone, welcome into my room.

Let's shut the door, and let's start with thisside of the room, right here, my clothing rack.

So, I got this clothingrack from Urban Outfitters, you guys saw this in mystudio space, and also my old, I love it so much.

So, the rack that I hadbefore, was just like a cheapo rack, and it keeps falling on me.

Basically, what I do with this rack, is I store, you know,all my recent purchases, or things that I want to wear, things that I want toremind myself to wear.

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about because we always tend tobuy things, collect things, leave it in our closet, and then we forget about the items that we've bought, and then if I have like, specialevents, then I would just hang the pieces next to each other, and then, you know, it givesme ideas on what to coordinate, outfits to wear, to the events, and, it just gives me so much ideas, so, this is almost like a fashioninspiration rack for me.

I really, really love thisrack, it's nice and sturdy.

Here is my first night stand,and this is my side of the bed as you can see, let's come up closer.

Okay, so these are real agate slabs; they're a real geode, and afriend gave me some pieces, and I also collect somepieces throughout the years, and I would just use them ascoasters on the end tables, or on the dining table,so I have a couple here, over on my side.

They're beautiful, andthey're also functional, and then I have a nice copper accent.

This is a fake plantthat I got from target.

I just put it on top of my book, and then that's a vintage cameraI got from the flea market.

And then this nicemirror right here, hello.

This mirror's from Ikea; I bought it so that way Icould do makeup with it.

You know, if I wanna sit onthe table, film a tutorial, then it's just convenient.

These curtains from HomeGoods, they're nice and cozy, they add a nice hominess to the room.

This is my bed, you guysseen this bed before, in many of my videos.

Above here, I have someartwork, some abstract artwork that I really love and enjoy.

I didn't want to havepictures, photos of like, a face, or somebody's face in my bedroom, or even like, my own face, Ijust find it kind of creepy.

Both of these picturessymbolize unity to me; they're very sensual, and just romantic, so I just thought it'sappropriate to put in the bedroom.

Perfect, a perfect fit.

This is my fake fur throwthat I got from Etsy, and I feel like I paid alittle bit too much for them, for this, but it's areally good quality throw.

Super warm, whenever I'm cold, and my my comforterisn't enough, then I just put this over, and I'mlike, super, super warm for the rest of the night.

So, over on his side of the bed, Eric, he likes to wake upearly, and then he's gone.

I like to meditate, and Ilike to just lie in bed, so, whenever an idea pops up, then I just grab my book, write in it.

Over here is a littlefamiliar DIY, my copper stand.

If you guys missed it, I uploaded a DIY to make this copperstand, I love it so much.

I love, love, love this corner.

Having a real plant inyour home, in your space, in your bedroom, it's the best thing ever.

It adds like, just anice vibe, positive vibe into your space, and that'swhy I love having a live plant.

This is a snake plant,and it's just amazing.

I love it so much, and it looks so good with the copper stand, I'm so happy that I made this, and it's so beautiful.

Moving on to my full-length mirror, I love this mirror so much,I got this a long time ago and it looks so good against any wall, any corner, just really opens up the room, opens up the space and I love it.

I want to take, like, outfit photos in here, but I just, Ihaven't been dressing up enough to take outfit pictures, so, yes, it's a really,really nice little corner.

Then, next to this corner, is this, our little readingsection, reading area, and I got this chair because, Eric and I, we like to read on the bed, but he is so loud wheneverhe flips his pages, so I was like, you knowwhat, I'm getting a chair.

At nighttime, he can sithere and read his book and flip his page as loud as he wants.

I'm thinking about getting a little side table, so that way, you know, I could put my tea onhere, on a rainy day, sit here and just enjoy my book, and then getting a littleottoman just to kick back, and just, you know, chill,relax, on a nice, rainy day.

So, the carpet that's onthe second floor of my home is just this really ugly,right now you can't see it, but there's like a green toneto this caramel color carpet, and it just makeseverything look so awful.

So, to break it up and take the eyes, you know, distract, draw the eyes away from the ugly carpet, Igot this beautiful rug that has lots of neutral tones, and grays.

Lastly is one of my favoritecorners in the home, and I put a lot of thoughtand effort into this space because my old home,there were lots of storage areas, and I had like, a separated vanity section in thebathroom, so moving here, I didn't have that and I had to, you know, reconsolidate everythinginto one unit, and so, all my makeup are in here.

All my makeup brushes,palettes, little lip pencils, I have a whole lot of stuff.

Very fortunate that I'm ableto try these things out, they're sent to me, and then I have this biground mirror that adds a nice modern look into my space.

I kept everything veryminimal, very clean looking, and I just love it so much.

Love it, love it, love it.

The only thing I want to change is this wall color, it looksnice and warm right now, but basically, the whole houseis painted in this wall color and I just want somethingbright, and just, more airy looking, more modern.

So, I'm thinking about a new wall color.

Let me know what your thoughts are.

Alright guys, thank youso much for watching, joining me today, I hopeyou guys like my bedroom and I hope you guys enjoy today's tour.

Other than that, I will see you next week.

I am going to try to upload every weekend.

It is a little bit tough for me now, it's a little bumpy for me now,with the uploading schedule, but I'll try to do it every weekend, if not Monday, so, Iwill see you guys soon.

Love you, and talk to you later, ciao.

(upbeat dance music).