Enhance Your Bedroom Experience

Ok here we are in the bedroom talkingabout positive anchors, my favorite positive anchors are touch points. Touchpoints are of the feeling of a high-quality product or experience. And here we are in my bedroom and these are a few of my favorites. Definitely the bed experience, think aboutbedding, get yourself bedding with a decent thread count and you canget these from an outlet or online they're not that expensive… Read More »

Redesign Your kids Bedroom

(Music)(Voice Over) Now that Charlie's bedroomhas fabulous new carpeting, thoughts have turned tocompleting the project with a total room makeover. I'm goingto high school and my bedroom really doesn't look like it. I've had this room since I was in elementary school and I askedmy mom and she said it was a great idea to change it up. Thisis perfect timing. Charlie just graduated middle school, he's onhis way to… Read More »

Quality points of our Bedroom Sets

– Hello my name is Scottwith Country Lane Furniture. I'd like to show you some of the features of our solid wood bedrooms. Gonna start out by showingyou how to the slats and rails fit together andhow that's constructed. The slats here forexample this is a cut away and the slats they have a dove tail which fits into the other side of the tail on the rail and the… Read More »

Small Bedroom Design

I want to address the room in our home thatoften gets left to last, and that is the bedroom, and give you some simple, easy ideas to decorateyour small space bedroom. Tip number one in your small space bedroomis I kind of say, "Go white. " When I say, "Go white," I mean sometimes inpaint, I think choosing a warm white really opens up the space, and I love white… Read More »

Bedroom Tour

(upbeat dance music) – Are you ready for the room tour of the year? A spectacular room tour,well I don't know about that, but I can't wait to share with you what I did to my new bedroom. I'm really loving it, itmakes me feel so comfy. I feel like with my oldbedroom, I wasn't able, I wasn't able to completeit because the room was really spacious, and I didn't… Read More »

Luxury Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Home Design & Decor Luxurious Bedroom Interior Design Luxury Bedroom Decorating Ideas Are you looking to remodel bedroom? There are hundreds of ways to design your own luxury modern bedroom. Luxurious Bedroom Interior Design a theme resembling grandeur palatial settings and is characterised by splendid furniture & royal interior elements. Intricate use of patterns, colours, textures and forms perfectly coordinated with the space. We have Ideas of luxuriously decorated bedrooms.… Read More »

IKEA Bedroom Furniture For Small Spaces

Furniture shopping becomes much more complicatedwhen you live in a space-challenged apartment. Product dimensions are obviously a major concernfor any living space, but you're also forced to be a bit pickier about versatility in asmall space: The more hidden functions or storage potential an item can bring, the better. Ikea has this type of design down to a science. The Swedish home conglomerate has a massiveinventory of convertible organizers, racks,… Read More »

House of Bedroom Kids

We had a great experience when we were shoppingat House of Bedrooms. I decided I wanted to get my youngest daughtera new bed. She really wanted bunk beds. It's really hard to visualize – that was partof why I loved it at House of Bedrooms because they have the rooms set up. You can actually get a picture in your headof what it's actually going to look like. It was… Read More »

Cozy Rustic Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

The most difficult and challenging task isto design the bedroom for your kids. We earlier showcased design ideas on beachstyle bedroom decoration and this time we thought of showcasing the Rustic interiorsdesign for your kid’s bedroom. This type of style invokes a sense of nostalgia,happiness, comfort and warmth. Rustic style furniture pieces are also gainingthe reputation of being ‘green’ and eco-friendly, because they are made from natural materials. The beauty… Read More »